CBD Oil In Brisbane (Laws & Where To Buy)

Brisbane has some of greatest outdoors on planet earth. The city itself is the third largest in the country in terms of population size. It also has some amazing amenities and infrastructure that you would obviously expect from a major city of its size. However, it not the infrastructure that will make you wish you lived here for the rest of your life; it is the natural scenery that will amaze you. There is the New Farm Park, the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, the Ceder Creek Trail and Mount Coot-tha Brisbane lookout. These parks and locations offer some of the most exhilarating, yet relaxing spaces that will make you forget about all the troubles in the world.

However, if you’ve got chronic pain or inflammation then you are not going to enjoy those spaces, are you? That’s why we thought it was necessary to show you some of the coolest places to get your CBD hemp oil in Australia.

This is why so many people are running around trying to place an online order for CBD oil in Australia.

Of course, the CBD hemp oil is known to treat pain, inflammation, anxiety and a variety of other issues. The problem is just with the quality. Low-quality cannabis oils will probably do you more harm than good. On the contrary, good quality products with potent concentrations of Cannabidiol can help treat chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety problems, epileptic seizures and many other common and uncommon ailments.

Brisbane skyline
Brisbane skyline

Best Places to buy CBD oil in Brisbane, Queensland

Here are some of the best places that carry this magical supplement in Brisbane, Queensland. If you live or work near any of these places, visit them and you will find some of the best quality hemp CBD oils in Queensland.

Avalanche Nature’s Superfoods (Location: Shop 30, Emporium, 1000 Ann St, Fortitude Valley, Queensland 4006, Australia)

If you are a healthy eater by any means then you should definitely visit Avalanche Nature’s Superfoods on St Ann’s street. It is one of the best places to get fresh food, juices and salads.

However, some of the superfoods they stock include hemp CBD oil and other kinds of oils.

Their prices are really affordable and they usually have offers for new customers to try and make them come back.

So if you are near the place give them a visit and you may just find some good quality hemp oil at a great price.

Melanie’s Holistic Healing (Location: Waterford Queensland 4133, Australia)

This fantastic establishment located in Waterford is a go-to place for everything holistic. They’ve got a physical brick and mortar store and an online store.

They carry a wide variety of products including essential oils, body oils, cosmetics, lip balms and so on.

They also have hemp oils.

You will love the variety of ways to pay at the shop which include the convenient AfterPay option and several electronic payment options.

Moreover, you will love the pure holistic nature of products at the store; each product is completely vegan, has not been tested on animals, is 100% organic, toxic free and made right here in Australia.

The staff at the place are also fantastic; very professional and quick to address any issues.

Sun and Earth Organics (Location: 845 Brunswick St, New Farm Queensland 4005, Australia)

This gorgeous family-owned business is one of the best places to shop for fresh foods including fruits and vegetables.

They’ve got a wide assortment of those plus cereals and essential oils.

Apart from the grocery, they also make healthy streets in the café that is attached to the establishment. So you can shop and enjoy a healthy smoothie thereafter.

Some of their healthy products include hemp oil, and eco-friendly soaps and laundry wash. They also have virgin coconut oil and the likes.

It is definitely a great place to start doing some healthy shopping if you are looking to overhaul your diet.

Best international stores that offer fast shipping to Brisbane, Queensland

As you may have noticed in the stores we have mentioned above, most of them are primarily into organic foods and stuff. So yes, they do have hemp oil and yes, it can help you with various ailments but some hemp oils are not specifically meant for alleviating pain or treating epilepsy.

So we did what we do best (research) and found some great international hemp oil vendors who formulate their oils specifically for therapeutic use and have fast shipping to Brisbane, Queensland.

The two best ones are:


Elixinol specifically makes highly concentrated cannabidiol tinctures that are fully compliant to Australian government standards and perfect for various kinds of health uses although they are marketed as dietary supplements because of government regulations.

Elixinol’s highly concentrated oils come in a variety of exciting flavours and are perfect for alleviating long-term pain and for reducing stress and improving general wellness.

Their full-spectrum extracts are known for their incredible therapeutic benefits.

What’s more, Elixinol uses an award-winning manufacturing process that ensures the final products are safe and have the right potencies to help users.


Koi products are made by a UK based company.

They are ISO laboratory certified. This means you can look forward to great quality from each of their products.

Moreover, their hemp oils do not have any THC! So there is no need to worry about getting high when all you wanted was to stop feeling pain.

The CBD from Sydney can be amazing in quality as seen at https://australiancbdoils.com/sydney-cbd/ where there are tons of great examples given.

Some of the conditions you can manage better with Koi CBD oils include memory loss, lack of appetite, muscle tremors, stress, anxiety, and chronic pain.

Some customers have reported that Koi oils have higher efficiency than some commonly used and overly expensive pharmaceutical formulations. However, do not take this as a medical endorsement. Always consult a medical professional if you would like to change medication.

KOI CBD gummies
KOI CBD gummies

What makes Brisbane Unique?

Tropical Brisbane is a fantastic place to be in. It is touristy and spectacular at the same time. It is known as Bris-vegas for a reason.

Now with our list of CBD sources in the city, you can quickly remedy chronic pain and stress to freely enjoy the many things that Brisbane has to offer.